Trifles Argument

Topics: Gender, Murder, Kill Pages: 3 (925 words) Published: July 18, 2012
Ashley Blanks
EH 224-OP
June 29, 2012
The story, “Trifles”, by Susan Glaspell is about a murder investigation of John Wright. And while this investigation is going on, Mr. Peters (the sheriff), Mr. George Henderson (the county attorney), and Mr. Hale (neighboring farmer of Mr. John Wright, fail to investigate properly. They don’t think about why Mrs. Minnie Wright (Mr. John Wright’s wife) did what she did. And the reason for them not really thinking about it is because Mrs. Wright is of opposite sex. This story takes place in the 1900s where everything for women was unfair including the justice system. So there is no doubt in my mind that there is a bit of sexism taking place in this story.

The fact that Mrs. Wright killed her husband, by straggling him to death, does not mean she did not have a good reason, or did it just to do it. By Mr. Peters and Mr. Henderson being workers of this so called “justice system”, they did not see into why this murder of John Wright happened. They probably wasn’t going to do it later either because this was a man not a female. The justice system back in the 1990s was unfair to woman so this case would probably be closed quickly and Mr. Minnie Wright will be put to prison or death. As soon as they get to Mr. Wright’s house, their main concern is the dead body lying in the bed upstairs. It’s like they are saying; oh goodness a man is dead, and was killed by a female, and that’s that. They don’t want to hear a female’s side of the story or point of view why they murdered a man. So there is definitely sexism in this play.

Anything could’ve happened to Mrs. Minnie Wright to drive her to kill her husband. For instance; maybe he was trying to strangle her and break her neck, but just never got to the point of actually killing her. She probably wanted to teach him a lesson and by teaching him a lesson I mean getting payback and going all the way and killing him in his sleep, by strangling him.

When Mrs. Peters and...
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