Tribute to My Teacher...

Topics: English-language films, Disguise, Classroom Pages: 2 (419 words) Published: January 24, 2011
A tribute to my teacher...

The galloping of horses picked up a dust
Wow what a roar, no not my hungry stomach, you can trust!
A chariot stopped, its rider, dignified, basking in all her glory Yes, there she was, the ruler of the buzzing ‘B’ees; Queen ‘B’ truly! She swished her sari as she walked
Her authoritative demeanour aglow for itself talked
The bees buzzed a sigh of relief
Thank God, its only she as the chief
Rumours of a devil in disguise had spread
But she ain’t that, an angel you don’t dread!
She chose nominees for the class leader
And the dumb children voted me, the class’s nerd beaver,
Literary President though that I became
But I can’t disappoint her, or I’d be out of the game!
We groaned when we’d to take out the books
Her only request despite the dirty looks
But this one favour we consented
Because ‘games’ was a favour return intended!
The picnic day finally arrived
She wanted me to find out where we would go for a ride
A possible ‘Wayanad’ was overridden by my ‘Veega Land’ Though the after-effects were severe, a no man’s land!
When my birthday came she was not invited
A mother overlooked, she was disappointed
Sad I vowed, next year for sure
She would cut my cake, make my life pure.
A partner in crime that I was hers
All ‘themmaditharam’ of the class she unearthed from my purse! Her hidden literary talents modest as she is
She didn’t want them exposed, ignorance seems bliss.
She taught me to go forth, fight, win in life
No matter what may be the strife
As all shed tears to a grave dug too soon
She consoled and cheered us up, a disguised boon.
As the bees spread their love she too received
Her own gift a bag full of our love and all our good deeds.
A mother, a companion, an accomplice in crime
She was the perfect class teacher, a precious rhyme.
No more an atmosphere a classroom can give
Yet she envelops us in an embrace as long as we live
Mere words fail in their duty
As describing her would...
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