Tribute Speech

Topics: Mind, Reason, Family Pages: 2 (556 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Lina Abdo
CMST 1005
Tina Langseth
Tribute Speeh
A father goodness is higher than the mountain, a mother's goodness is deeper than the sea. Japanese Proverb The people I admire the most are neither a world famous nor a multimillionaire, they are just a normal people but angeles in my life. The are the candle light for my sucess way. This is my opprutunity to express my feelings for my parents, to show how I admire them and how thankful and happy I am for having them in my life. The reasons I am giving trubuite for my parents because of their love, care, scrifieces, patient, kindhearted, open minded, and compassionate. My parents take a big role in my life. Ever since I was young, my parents always made sure that me and my siblings get a better education. They always enrolled us in private schools and they helped us with homework's even though they are not well educated but they always tried their best. They scrified and decided to leave their home country and come to the United States so we can get a better education and be successful in the future. I admire how strong my parents are. How they care about me and my sibilings. They always advise us to practice our Islamic religion.They make sure to have a time together so we can go to the mosque every friday for prayers. The second reason my parents deserve triburte is because of their patient. My parents were always patient with me even when I made mistakes. They thought me the right from the wrong without showing any madness sins and brought me up in a loving family. They made me communicate and discuss my problems with them. I always feel comfortable and speak the truth with them without being afraid that's why I never Attempted to lie. The thrid reason I am paying tribute to my parents is because of their kindhearted, open minded, and compassionate. One of the biggest reason I admire my parents for is because ever since I was young, they teach me how to adjust in a family and how to respect...
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