Trials of Oz

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  • Published : October 18, 2010
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The Trials of Oz

the audience to draw ideas of biest and corruption of the legal system,

as the judges are ignorant of the outside world youth, only take note of higher sources of knowledge, let cops do obscenity things just cuase they are cops, have very one sided views, would put someone in jail for a little small thing

Though this view is only put across by roberston , only his side of the story , this is his oppion and view on the legal system and by putting across as untrustworthy view of the legal system he avokes the responder to ask questions. His metaphor or descrbing the legal system “ the justice game” is reinforced in this chapter, the continuance bounce for staire irony ridicule. He consentialy is belittling other members of the court, making judgments and sterotypes for the audince to relate to and create an oppion on. ROberstion wants us to believe that the legal system is a game and that you should only really be in it if you have to , there is no right or wrong you see as the wrong can be agrued and one to be the truth again. Our once trustworthy view on law is manipulated by roberston, taking us to believe maybe we shouldn’t always believe what we see or hear BUT HOW DOES HE DO THAT

Shows judge argyle as senile and ignorant

Our context effects our perspective on the text and how we form our oppions on the issues raised, to us the Rupert bear article sint as offencse as it was in their time, today material simalr to the this is everywhere and is mostly socially acceptable, The trials of oz was in the 70’s and there was a very different view on the situation, with freedom of speech and individuality growing this

Should we all be played to a fair trial?
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