Trial of Tears (Dialogue)

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  • Published : October 25, 2005
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Dialogue: Trial of Tears
One afternoon, Derek came by this history teacher's room to learn a little bit extra for fun. The conversation focused mainly on the Trial of Tears. He had heard information about these events in previous history classes, but didn't fully understand. Derek: Hey Mr. Smith, I know Andrew Jackson was a president, but what did he do during the Trials of Tears? Mr. Smith: He was full of contradiction and paradox. Jackson's officials were directed to negotiate a removal treaty with complaint minority factors of the Cherokees. Derek: What was the Indian Removal?

Mr. Smith: It was a voluntary exchange of eastern lands for western lands. Derek: Did Jackson do anything about the Cherokee National party? Mr. Smith: Yes, he barred the party. This prevented them from holding meeting to discuss the treaty or alternative courses of action. Derek: Oh, I see. What was a major event that happened in 1832? Mr. Smith: In Worcester v. Georgia, chief Justice John Marshall declared Georgia's persecution of the Indians unconstitutional. Derek: I've heard rumors of something else happening in 1832. I think it was sometime in May. Mr. Smith: Ah yes, May 9, 1832. Faced with annihilation, Seminole leaders signed a provisional treaty, agreeing to the removal to pent tribal approval of the site designated for resettlement. Derek: Did President Jackson have a response to the Worcester v. Georgia? Mr. Smith: It's actually very interesting what he did. President Jackson refused to use federal power to enforce the high court's decision. Derek: What happened in late 1935?

Mr. Smith: Well… in December of 1935, Osceola initiated guerilla warfare. This is a strategic for of fighting a war that is sort of playing dirty. They took out bridges, which were very important to transferring troops and supplies. Derek: Are there any other names I should know, which have to do with the Trial or Tears? Mr. Smith: Well, there's John Ross. He helped the...
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