Trial of Aaron Burr

Topics: United States, Thomas Jefferson, Louisiana Purchase Pages: 1 (382 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Aaron Burr was vice president when the United States underwent the Louisiana Purchase. After gaining this massive amount of new territory creating a much more prestigious America, Burr grew to become more power hungry. Burr traveled west in 1805 to explore the newly adopted lands around the Mississippi Valley and port city of New Orleans with General Wilkinson, the governor of the Louisiana Territory. While Burr was on his expedition he met with a variety of wealthy men to gain support of conquering Mexico from the Spanish. Lying that his plans were government approved, Burr tried to convince people about building an empire in the west promising money to anyone who followed him. While Aaron Burr's attempt to recruit Americans to help seize Mexico remained consistent, word about his efforts in opposition to the U.S. government had reached President Thomas Jefferson. Newspapers began to spread stories about his activities and accused "him of plotting to split the Union" (many After receiving a letter from General Wilkinson about Burr's Mexican Campaign, Jefferson called a cabinet meeting to instruct military commanders to stop Burr. As Burr's act of treason went public, Americans were infuriated demanding him to be put to death for his crime of treason. Burr was arrested in February of 1807 in Richmond, Virginia and faced a federal grand jury where his trial would be decided. The Grand Jury convicted Burr of treason and was sent to trial a few months further. In Burr's court case, he defended himself by stating that "treason is not possible without action. Yet I am being attacked - not for acts - but because of false reports about what I might do"( Although most members of the senate, the majority of American citizens, as well as President Jefferson all desired for Burr to be proven guilty, there were only rumors of Burr's attempt at treason and not a sufficient amount of evidence of his misdemeanors against the U.S. In September of...
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