Triad Summary Paper

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Triad Clinical Summary and Assessment paper
Irish Trinidad
Pacific Oaks College
Introduction Communication and Counseling Skills
MFT 507
Makisha Lawrence, PsyD
December 4, 2012

Triad Clinical Summary and Assessment paper
I watched two sessions conducted by two well-known psychotherapists, Carl Rogers and Albert Ellis. I chose these two sessions because of their client, Gloria. I found Gloria to be an interesting subject and because she was interviewed by the two psychotherapists, I believe that it would be easier to compare and contrast the two approaches by the psychotherapists. In order to get a better understanding of the approaches of these two clinicians, I will first give general identifying information about the clinicians and the client. Second, I will give an idea of what the overall theme of the sessions. Third, I will discuss the types of questioning the interviewer used in order to draw out the interviewee’s story, while being mindful of any micro-skills the interviewer used in the session. Fourth, I will discuss any strengths and weaknesses I noticed during the interview process. Fifth, will be a discussion of any multicultural components to the process between the interviewer and interviewee. Sixth, I will then compare and contrast the two skills both psychotherapists had. Seventh, I will discuss what skills I found helpful and not helpful, that I would incorporate in my own interviewing style. Finally, I will conclude with how I will continue to support the growth of my clinical skills as I move along at Pacific Oaks College. General Identifying Information

The client, Gloria, is a middle aged Caucasian woman who is about 35 to 40 years old. She was just recently divorced with one child, a young daughter. The two psychotherapists who interviewed Gloria are Dr. Albert Ellis and Dr. Carl Rogers. Dr. Albert Ellis is a male Caucasian who is about 45 years old. Dr. Carl Rogers is also a male psychotherapist who is about the same age as Albert Ellis and is also Caucasian. Both men are respected in the field of psychotherapy and have both written a book, which Gloria has read prior to the session.

The Overall Theme of the Session
The first interview with Dr. Carl Rogers, the overall theme of the session was Gloria’s need for acceptance and her need to tell her daughter the truth about her sexual life. Gloria lied to her daughter when her daughter asked her the question if she had been sexually active with another man since her separation from her father. Gloria is troubled with the fact that because she is recently divorced, she is now starting to date men and she is afraid that it will affect her children. She wants to be honest with her child, but she is afraid of how her child will perceive her if she was honest with her. She wants Dr. Rogers to tell her what do with telling her daughter the truth. She wants Dr. Rogers to tell her that her daughter will be all right if she were to be honest with her about her sex life. I believe that the whole session, Gloria was ambivalent about being honest and portraying herself as a perfect mother, while at the same time, she feels that she isn’t a perfect mother.

The second interview with Dr. Albert Ellis the main theme to the session was men and the types of men she is attracted to. Gloria has a certain criteria for the type of men she wants to date; however, she feels that she attracts the wrong type of men. She feels shy and embarrassed being with men. She is afraid that she does not have enough qualities to attract the men she wants to attract. She wants to present herself to the men as being strong, but when she meets men, she ends up messing up by being flippant and she feels that she is misunderstood. She feels that she is the type of woman who only attracts men she does not want to attract. The Types of Questioning Asked by Both Psychotherapists

The questions asked by a psychotherapist are essential in drawing out the client’s story. The...
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