Trends Paper

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  • Published : December 3, 2006
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Trends Paper
There are many trends in the world, but they differ from country to country. Trends change within time, but there are always popular trends that people tend to follow. This paper will examine a few trends in the American Culture, including social, political, religious, and personal trends. Some social trends in American culture include,, and cell phones. These are great ways for people to socialize and keep in touch. is a website where people create their own profile. This website allows people to stay in touch, meet new friends, or even find old ones. Another website that is popular is It is a dating website that people use to find someone they are compatible with by filling out a questionnaire about yourself and characteristics you are looking for in the other person. Cell phones are yet another social trend. More and more people are getting cell phones each day. It is a very suitable way to get a hold of someone no matter where they are. Also, the use of text messaging on cell phones is becoming more and more popular because you can send a message to someone and they can respond at his or her convenience. It also provides a different way to communicate if you have something just quick and short to say.

A few personal trends are iPods, laptops, and Xbox. Music is a very popular thing and can be very important to people. Sometimes, it helps set the moods of people, brings back fond memories, and occasionally talks about something someone can relate to. iPods are very popular because they allow people to store hundreds of different songs on such a small device and are convenient to carry around. They also allow for the opportunity to hook up to your car or home stereo system. Laptops are becoming more popular because it allows for students to do their homework on a computer and store it, but also take it to and from school. Many employees have laptops as well, so they can take...
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