Trends of Logistics

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John is a manager of a university,Tom is a college student.They are talking about the new trends of logistics areas.The useful words which may be involved in the dialog are as follows.Please try to design the dialog.

J(John) T(Tom)
T: Hello Mr.Jonh,these days I have read some books on the
the trends of logistics in the future.But I found that articles about the field is not as enough as I expected. I think the problem has an important significance for the future development of logistics. So I would like to ask your opinion about this aspect. J:Research in this area is also interested to me, and I also did a lot of related research.It provides guidance for developing effective,efficient logistics. T:So what kind of development trend do you think the future logistics will have? J: In fact, I think we should have four aspects.The first is Green Logistics.It grow out the growing awareness of environmental problems,and in particular with well-publicized issues such as acid rain ,CFCs and global warming.The transportation industry is a major contributor to environmental degradation. T:So what is the exact definition of green logistics?

J: The so-called green logistics, is to reduce the pollution of the environment, reduce the consumption of resources as the goal, the use of advanced logistics technology planning and implementation of transport, storage, handling, distribution processing, distribution, packaging and logistics activities. T:What will Green Logistics bring us ?

J:The implementation of green logistics development strategy, vigorously strengthen the establishment and perfection of theoretical system and policy of green logistics, improvement and adjustment of the objectives of the logistics system, logistics facilities and logistics activities of the organization, to achieve the overall optimization of the logistics system and the environment of the low damage, not only conducive to environmental protection and sustainable...
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