Trends of Health and Illness in Different Social Groups

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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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Trends of Health and Illness in Different Social Groups
Age- Most people in retirement are health and fit. They make valued contributions to society through paid work, volunteer work and by being a good citizen to the society and to their families. However there are higher levels of illness in people over 75. This is because as people grow older their bodies may be unable to function as well as it did, therefore they are unlikely to receive as much exercise and fresh air, also they may be unable to stand up for a long length of time and therefore may not be able to cook. They then could start eating pre cooked frozen foods. This all leads to an unhealthy lifestyle. Also there are many stresses that come with old age, for example illness worries, financial worries and bereavements of old friends. This can cause many illnesses such as depression and sometime mental illness such as Alzheimer’s. Social class- There is evidence that the standards of health and the length of life expectancy vary according to social class. Members of a higher social class live longer and are healthier due to the fact that they can afford all the right foods, they can cook meals from scratch using fresh fruit and vegetables and organic produce. They also have money to go to the gym or even buy exercise machines for their house. Also because of their higher class they have a better knowledge of how to live healthily due to the fact that they may have had a better education and been taught the importance of healthy living. They also have safe comfortable houses with heating and air conditioning t o suit their needs. Whereas people forma lower social class may not have this comfortable living environment as they can’t afford it, there house may have damp, mould, they might not have double glazing so there house is very cold they also might not realise as much how important it is to be healthy, and even if they do understand it they still might not be able to afford the healthy, fit...
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