Trends of 21st Century: Swag and YOLO

Topics: Carpe diem, 21st century, Social network service Pages: 2 (367 words) Published: February 25, 2013

Today in the 21st century, people are easily influenced by powerful people, in terms of language, style, or even culture. Once a few are influenced, it catches on and sticks, and with great advances, such as the Internet, it’ll spread fast! The most recent and popular example is one I can’t even stand, started with one acronym, YOLO.

YOLO is an abbreviation for ‘you only live once’, first mentioned in rapper Drake’s hit song “The Motto”. It’s basically a teenage interjection for Carpe Diem. The only difference is that YOLO is short on the bold idea of living life to the fullest, and more focused on idiotic decisions and their consequences. Sometime’s, it’s an excuse for some people to make dangerous choices, because everyone else is doing it. Also, you can insert it into a sentence to make it sound cool and adventurous; “Just bought some underwear, ‘cuz YOLO!”

YOLO started a revolution that divided modern society, in the form of swag. I’m not even sure what it means, or if anyone does. According to the dictionary, “SWAG, noun; an ornamental festoon of flowers, fruit, and greenery, ie ‘ribbon-tied swags of flowers”. That is obviously correct! Being sarcastic, it’s not. But will our questions about the modern swag ever be answered? Will we ever even know if it’s a noun, verb, or adjective? All that’s known at the current moment is that swag has been bouncing around on popular social networks like Twitter and Facebook. The demographic for swag has only been identified in the teenager group, with no grandma’s in-between.

Swag and YOLO also started a new trend of fashion and style, mainly in teenage boys. All I can yell to these boys is, “PULL UP YOUR PANTS”, because when they don’t, they’re ‘saggin’. With swag, it’s all about brand. Popular brands are Obey and Supreme, which makes their simple red and white logos too recognizable. These brands have parts to them, like the tacky plaid shirts and cream colored khakis, but...
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