Trends in Non-Store Retailing

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The article I’ve chosen for this assignment is titled “Forces Driving Change in 2011: From crowd-sourced shopping to accessories to new ways to get green: The 10 trends that will define opportunity next year.” The article was published in Entrepreneur Magazine’s December 2010 issue ( and was written by Jennifer Wang and Kara Ohngren. This article has several points to make, including the changes in demographics making baby boomers again the target of advertising and sales. The most interesting trend though is sales through social networking. The social networking phenomenon grows and with it, opportunities for selling are limitless.

Although many of us are still feeling the pinch of the recession, studies pursued by the National Bureau of Economic Research say that our economy has been in recovery mode since June 2009. A major reason this upturn hasn’t been as evident as one might expect is that approximately 71% of consumers and business owners are waiting for economic statistics to rise before they're spend their hard earned money or hire more employees. Eric Jackson, an innovation specialist and VP of research and development at Gap International, a global management consulting firm in Philadelphia thinks that this plan is imprudent. "The world is screaming for innovation, and companies can capitalize on the resources they already have to spark the next possibilities."

The innovation that the world seems to be screaming for is online/digital stores. As the industry increasingly shifts online, opportunities are emerging. For example, the app markets of both Apple and Android markets have proliferated from practically nil to billions of dollars in just a few years. The reason for this rapid success is that their customers, Smartphone owners, love having access to a multitude of Wi-Fi finders, flight status updaters, local restaurant finders, budget booking assistants, translators and more. It’s instant...
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