Trends in Land Use Pattern in Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria.

Topics: Filling station, Rest area, Osun State Pages: 5 (1343 words) Published: January 31, 2009
By: Adeyemi S. Ifaturoti (Department of Estate Management, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria) Email:
Mobile Number: +234 803 547 6869


Man develops and uses land resources partly because he must in the process of making a living and partly because the products of resource developments can add substantially to the quality of his living. His basic motivation for resource development stems from his urge for survival and from his desire to secure something more out of life than food and shelter needed for subsistence. Man develops resources because the products of development can add to the utilities and satisfaction he secure from life. Regardless of whether he emphasizes profit or non-monetary goals, the rational operator will not proceed with a land resource development unless he visualises a gross benefits that equal or exceeds his expected costs. Unexpected conditionS may prevent his development from turning out as expected but successful or not, almost all land resource developments stem from some operator’s attempt to maximise his satisfaction.

The aim of this report, however, is to examine the determinant of dominant activities in General Hospital axis of Ile-Ife Township, along Ilesha road; and also consider the trend similarities and differences as compared with Mayfair and Lagere axes of Ile-Ife. The determinants of uses in these areas are also being fully considered, while adequate recommendations are also made.


Various classification schemes can be used to describe the principal types of land use found throughout the world. A test of workability is likely to produce the following ten fold classification of land uses:

Residential lands
Commercial and industrial sites
Crop land
Pasture and grazing land
Forest land
Mineral land
Recreation land
Transportation land
Service area
Barren and waste land

A principal determinant of land use is the ‘use capacity’ which has been described by Barlowe (1978) as “the relative ability of a given unit of land resource to produce a surplus of returns and/or satisfaction above cost of utilization. This is a measure of profitability of a given land resource when put into a particular use, with a given level of technology, at a given point in time. This means that land use capacity is a variable that changes over time and space, hence, land use capacity is not a lifelong phenomenon.

However, the singular most powerful determinant of land use is planning. Government through the use of its various powers such the police power, zoning ordinances and codes, building and subdivision regulations has been able to direct and control the use to which land can be put in some of the urban centres. Governments produce layouts of cities which are to be followed and this affects the uses to which land can be put.

Population pressure is also a very important determinant of land use especially in the urban centres. Population explosion through inward migration of people into a particular area which results in what is called urbanization has a direct bearing on what uses to which land would be put. Population growth largely determines the nature and level of demand for a particular use. This imparts on the intensity of land use, and consequently on land values.

Natural factors like topography, vegetation, aspects, and soil type also determine the amount of land available for a particular use and the use to which any given quantum of land resource can be put.


General hospital area is located along Ife-Ilesa road on the outskirts of Ile-Ife township. The major and visible land use along this route is the general hospital, an interest owned by Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. Apart from this, another major land use is residential...
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