Trends in American Popular Culture

Topics: Culture, Religion, Popular culture Pages: 2 (461 words) Published: December 16, 2008
Trends in Popular American Culture Maudie Mclaughlin University of Phoenix Soc 105 Trends in Popular American Culture The definition of culture was established years ago as traits that were passed down from generation to generation. Today, we understand culture as everything that takes place in a society. Popular culture can be defined as the culture of everyone in a society. Most of today’s popular culture is produced and disseminated through the mass-media. Popular culture influences what we eat and wear and how we think. In this essay, I will unveil popular culture as means of influencing one’s personal habits based on social, political, religious and personal influences. Popular culture also plays a major role in the political aspects of life. For example, Democrats and Republicans deciding on today’s economic plan, adds chaos to society because of their opposing views and beliefs. These opposing views amongst the political parties then leads to conflict amongst the people who support either party, such as racial tensions and conflict. The Republicans are perceived to be “rich and wealthy” as to the Democrats are perceived as “Middle-Class or Poor”. Some will argue that the salary of a person determines their voice in life however; I feel that is unfair because we were all created equal. Religion is also a key element in popular culture. Everyone has the right to have their own belief and some people chose not to believe at all. Society has created many denominations such as Baptist, Presbyterian, and Catholic just to name a few. The beliefs of these many denominations vary, causing many impacts on life. Religious beliefs can influence the ways in which we dress, and wear our hair; the types of foods we are allowed to eat; as well as the type of music we are allowed to listen to. Personal aspects of life would be based upon the standards we have set aside for ourselves centered on popular culture. For example, one trying to live a high lifestyle would...
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