Trends in American Popular Culture

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  • Published : October 2, 2008
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The purpose of this essay is to look at and list trends in American popular culture in the areas of social, political, personal, and religious. Little did I know before researching online that there is an association just for popular culture and American culture called the PCA/ACA bringing up the first area of culture, internet. The internet has become a part ninety percent of American’s daily lives. Uses of the internet include dating, communication, research, and entertainment. A trend that has changed the social aspect of many is the internet, it is now possible to know anything you want about a person if you have their first and last name, something that was unheard thirty years ago, unless involved with the FBI.

Not knowing much about politics I turned to the Pew Research Center to give me an insight oh the current trends. According to the article Trends in Political Values and Core Attitudes researchers found a pattern of rising support for government action to help disadvantaged Americans. The article also talked about how people have changed religiously by making prayer a less important part of the day. In America the religious trend is to not stick to one religion but try multiple ones to see what fits. In the chart below from PBS, (2002) shows the move from the once monopolistic faith, Christianity to the rise of other beliefs is shown through statistical data. Religion in the United States

% of Americans who view themselves as religious: 86.8

% of Americans who regularly attend a worship service: 57
% of French, U.K. and Israeli citizens who attend services: 15/10/25
% of Americans who view it as important for presidential candidates to be strongly religious: 70
% of Americans who are very uncomfortable when presidential candidates express how religious they are: 50
% Americans who identify themselves as Christian in 1947 and 2001 89/82
Growth in % of U.S. population identifying as non-religious...
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