Trends in American Pop Culture

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  • Published : March 26, 2010
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Today in America, much of our lives is defined by popular culture. Traditions and patterns handed down from generations have been influenced by popular culture in society more today than of yesteryear. Trends are changing in regard to convenience, communication, and personal gain. In this essay, I will speak on the trends of social, political, personal, and religious.

When I think of social trends, I am reminded of the new technology that exists today. Technology has change the way we communicate forcing us to stay abreast on the latest version and gadgets to remain functioning actively. Computers and cellular telephones, once accessories, but are necessities today. The Internet is a tool that has changed the way we live when shopping, paying bills, even doing research. Gone are the days of land lines and pay phones. Those gadgets are replaced by cellular phones with text messaging capabilities that allow instant messages to be received faster than voice messaging. Electronic mail, also known as e-mail, whether used personally or in the workplace, has replaced postal bulk mail in some instances. Social networking websites of Twitter, Facebook, My Space, YouTube, and eHarmony are very popular today. Users of these sites can share a personal profile, make new friends, date online, post a video and daily messages. Also, Fortune 500 companies use the internet to advertise to increase sales and business.

A popular trend in politics during the 2008 Presidential Election was voter registration. Many community websites drew subscribers to register to vote. Volunteers across the country supported their candidate of choice to get the message out to vote, by going door to door, holding community rallies, and voter drives. Also, celebrity endorsement in the election became a popular trend. Many celebrities did television commercials, and group songs in support of their candidate of choice based on their belief of important values. I...
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