Trends and Issues in Education

Topics: African American, Education, United States Pages: 4 (1250 words) Published: November 29, 2012
Future Needs Change

Current Issues and Trends in Education

Historically education has changed over the years to meet the needs of children, and their ever changing mold. Society and governance has changed over history to save children from abuse, starvation, and provide educational opportunities but has not completely succeeded in these areas within minority classes. The educational gap between whites, blacks, and Hispanics is astoundingly large. This gap extends to healthcare, gun violence, criminal activity, and poverty. “Since 1979, gun violence has ended the lives of 110,645 children and teens in America” ("State of america's," 2011). Gun violence is not a new issue to the United States. It can be dated back to the first presidential assassinations and the “old west”. Gun violence has escalated into religious and political assassinations up to school massacres starting with the Columbine shootings. The United States’ is not successfully helping our youth with gun prevention. In 1994 the federal government passed The Youth Handgun Safety Act which prevents juveniles from possessing firearms or ammunition. That same year they passed The Gun-Free Schools Act which prevents firearms on school campuses and requires LEA’s to a referral service of those students caught with a firearm (1996). Although the government has enacted these laws gun violence has escalated. According to The State of Americas Children “3,042 deaths of children and teens from gunfire in 2007 alone nearly equaled the total number of U.S. combat deaths in Iraq through July 2011 (3,480)” ("State of america's," 2011 ). Their data also shows that 11 children or teens die daily from gun related problems. It also states that even though there are fewer black boys in America they are more likely to come into a fatal blow with a firearm. African American males are more likely to die from a gunshot blow than any natural cause of death (1996). The sad issue here is that most of these minorities...
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