Trends Affecting the Workforce

Topics: Employment, Motivation, The A-Team Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Nowadays a successful business is built on solid structure between departments and more importantly between an immediate supervisor and his personal. Despite the importance of the external environment, it’s highly required to have strong relationships between each leader and his followers, because they represent every department of the organization. However, these employees should be motivated in their work in order to work passionately and give deep attention to their projects. The purpose of this paper is to present the role of an immediate supervisor and his influence on his team.

Every company defines work in its own way but some similarities are necessary for a business to succeed. In fact, a certain amount of expertise is needed for the leader and specifically for the immediate supervisors to make their employees passionate in what they do.

* Attract
As a first step, an immediate supervisor should invite his team to see the interesting part of their job instead of the repeated problems they usually face. If your employees are not interested in what they do there is no need to make them work no matter how much you give them as a salary. This means that the immediate supervisor should attract his team for example by bringing new strategies to the working place and change the internal environment more recently. This way, your team will be attracted by the service you’re working on and will always do their best to improve their department’s results. * Retain

Second, in order to keep an excellent model of the organisation, it’s necessary that the immediate supervisor recollects often his team and support them whatever the circumstances are. In fact, an employee should always be rewarded for all the effort that he does for a company and for every additional work that he offers. This means, it’s the immediate supervisor’s job to take care of his employees and make sure that they are getting a generous salary even if they...
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