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This paper is being written in view of the advertising scenario of Pakistan. In an attempt to understand the evolution so far with respect to advertising strategies, past and present practises would be analysed and trends analysed. Introduction

Advertisements are a tool to communicate a message about a product or service to the consumers. As such this tool is of utmost importance if one has to ensure that a message is conveyed accurately. Advertising and promotional campaigns are part and parcel of Man’s daily life today. One sees advertising all around ranging from Television ads to Radio Jingles to internet marketing, magazines, outdoors etc. Advertising is inevitable and invincible or so it seems. Pakistan’s advertising industry is no exception. Since its inception in 1947 to date, the advertising industry has grown, matured and expanded. With Radio as the as the start off point, the content remained basic and jingle formed. With the advent of PTV and then other host of channels that followed, to date, advertising has undergone radical changes. Pakistan’s advertising has seen various evolutionary phases since 1947. These can be chronologically divided into different phases for the purpose of comprehension.

The first two decades were a period with a handful of players in the nascent advertising industry. Newspaper ads were primarily the print medium used and as such the target market of carious products was limited to only those people who had a newspaper subscription. Later Radio Stations added to the advertising media available at that time. Second period is marked by the advent of Television which suddenly spiked the reach of a message and also required changes in the way an ad was being made and presented. For an ad to be successful then, jingles were an inevitable feature. Third period involved more precise length of ads and more appealing visual images and storylines. Jingles were replaced with a humorous storyline in most cases. Lastly the period that we are in today includes a mix of strategies like animation, celebrity endorsements etc. This report highlights the cultural and traditional norms of Pakistan and refers to different advertisements as were used in making ad campaigns initially. This would then be followed by the latest trends and characteristics as followed by advertisements in 2012. Cultural and Traditional Factors in shaping up Advertising in Pakistan Pakistan, established on the basis of Islamic principles, had the principles of modesty, family values and brotherhood eminent in the society and traditional values. The same values were reflected in the advertisements that followed. These factors include: * Family Values

* Festivals and Occassions
* Societal Norms
A review of these values along with examples is presented in the section below. The ads that were made at the start were relatively lengthy and used jingles for a better chance at product recall with most of the ads achieving high success rate. In the early 1980s the appeal for ad lay in its jingles and the quality of the songs that were selected. The song appeal was mainly there to assist in product recalling. This included: * Dentonic’s chutki k bajate hi daant safaid or chamkdar * Naaz Pan Masal: meri mutthi me bund hay kya

Family Values
The adds that were produced in the 1980s and the 1990s were more reflective of family values. Pakistan, like other Asian countries lay emphasis on a closely knit family unit where every relation in the family has its own significance. Various family roles like Mother, Father, Children, and Grandparents have always been distinguishably highlighted. Products ranging from food industry to insurances were centred on this emotional appeal. * Dalda has built upon the tagline: “Jahan mamta wahan dalda”. This emphasises the family life appeal of the ads. * State Life Insurance upplayed the importance of Father as the breadwinner and loving head of the family with the...
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