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What is brand trying to do following the current wall`s ad campaign? In the current wall`s ad campaign the company is trying to change the miss perception of the people that ice cream is made only for summer season. There is a common perception that ice cream that ice cream is eaten only in summer season when the weather is hot .they are trying to break this concept of eating ice cream only in summer. Wall`s has made itself different from others by the campaign launched in winter they are also challenge the other ice cream companies to advertise In winter as they do in summer on a very extensive level. This has made the wall`s company as a “trend setter”

Adding vitality to life
Added to this list is now the desire for healthy and nutritious treats. The big red heart logo that puts a smile on your face is now healthier than ever - with a growing range of innovative products.

Add campaign

“Thand he to kya hua”
In the advertisement campaign the major emphasis is on the youth. In the other ads children and old age people are focused
Ice Cream makes you happy – its official!
Wall’s carried out scientific research which shows that ice cream actually makes you happy. The study was carried out using FMRI brain scanners, and showed that eating Wall’s had an immediate effect on the part of the brain that is activated when someone is really enjoying themselves – the please areas. So we now have scientific evidence to prove what we all already knew, that ice cream really does make you happy!

The Wall’s brand stands for a good time. From affordable treats to premium indulgence, to hanging out with friends and sharing precious family moments; Wall’s adds to the simple pleasures in daily life. Why the brand is advertising in winter?

As the sales of ice cream decreases in winter season because of the impression that ice cream should only be eaten in the summer season because of the miss perception that...
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