Trench Warfare and Christmas Truce Robert

Topics: Trench warfare, World War I, World War II Pages: 1 (321 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Christmas Truce
Robert graves

The young man Stan visits his grandfather. He wants the grandfather to join in the demonstration against nuclear bombs. The grandfather is a First World War veteran and has lost his foot in the war. He does not want to join in the demonstration because he does not believe that you can fight organized propaganda with amateur propaganda. The grandfather’s friend Dodger visits him meanwhile Stan is there. Dodger tells about the first Christmas Truce in 1914. He tells that they played football against the Germans, sang Christmas carols and drank French beer. They bury the killed soldiers. The grandfather did not take part in the 1. Christmas Truce because he was shot in his shoulder. The grandfather tells the story about the second Christmas Truce in 1915. In this year it is only the soldiers who attended in the first truce that was allowed to go out of the trenches. This year they cannot play football because of shell holes and barbed wire so they make up a boxing match instead. A Wessex soldier breaks the truce and shoots the major of the West Saxons in the head. The Lieutenant of the Wessex runs out in no man’s land to carry the majors body back to the his trenches. The West Saxons help him to bring the body back. The Lieutenant gets blindfolded as soon as he goes into the trench. The lieutenant comes back to his trench after some time and tells the Wessex that the Major still is alive. The Major give his flashlight to the Lieutenant and says he can keep it until after the war. When the grandfather has told about the second Christmas truce he says to Stan that only fear can keep the peace in the world, but Dodger says to Stan that he does not have to listen to his grandfather and fight for what he believes in.
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