Trench Warfare

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  • Published : September 8, 2009
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World War I occurred in the years 1914-1918. During World War I, Trenches played a major role defensively and offensively. The following countries were involved in Trench Warfare; Britain, France, and Germany. Even though these three countries were involved, this does not mean there were no controversies about advanced Trench Warfare. Trench Warfare had to take place somewhere; three countries that were taken place were Europe, USSR, and Germany. Other countries tried stealing tactics for trenches. The trenches helped soldiers offensively and defensively. People were battling each other from one trench to another. During World War I, although there were many countries who used Trenches for shelter, Britain and France had the best trenches.

Britain had great tactics against Trench Warfare. Their tactics worked against Germany. One British soldier said "Enemies suffered over 60,000 casualties during the first day alone. When Haig received the first causality figures on July 2, an estimate of 40,000 total casualties had died." (Haig, Douglas) This attack against Germany occurred in November 1916. Britain was able to move on because their tactic in the Trenches. Britain focused mainly on offensive skills. While German soldiers were busy thinking about whether to choose offensive or defensive to fight.

Even though Britain had great tactics against Trench Warfare, their Trenches were more technologically advanced than Germany. British troops had tunnels leading from one place to another. For example, when one part is gassed they were able to move out from the area, to safety. This gave more of an advantage to the British troops. Unlike Germany's trenches, which had blocked areas causing slow medical care for the wounded soldiers.

German troops in the war practiced several different tactics. When Britain was able to knock out a good number of troops German troops mainly focused on defensive skills and...
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