Treetop Forest Case

Topics: Leadership, Situational leadership theory, Management Pages: 11 (4198 words) Published: April 21, 2012
Treetop Forest Products is a very reputable company who partnered with Westboard Co. to produce high quality lumber for sale to international consumers. Treetop Forest Products main operation is to take raw logs and transform them into 2-by-4 and 2-by-6 building grade lumber which are then transferred over to Westboard Co. so that they can sell them to their international consumers. Treetop Forest Product has six departments with those being: planing, sawmill, boom, packaging, shipping, and maintenance. Each of the six departments currently works 2 shifts a day with two separate crews, with one shift being in the morning at 6 a.m. and with one shift being in the afternoon starting at 2 p.m. other than the packaging department. The maintenance department however, only works the night shift which starts at 10 p.m. Since the packaging department does not have its own supervisor, Treetop Forest Products has the supervisors from the planing and sawmill department look after their department and the packaging department, and that’s where the trouble arises. The packaging department is located in a different building then that of the sawmill and planing department, with the sawmill department being a very far distance away from the packaging department, so although the supervisors do visit the packaging department from time to time it is often a second thought. With the price of building-grade lumber being so competitive, buyers will tend to buy products whose packaging and presentation is of a higher grade and therefore sets their product apart from the competition. Since, packaging is such a major factor in whether or not consumers purchase their building-grade lumber from Westboard, they have a competition between the plants that make up their company where the plant that has the highest grade packaging will receive a plaque. Treetop has always excelled in packaging as to where they have received the plaque from Westboard on multiple occasions and when they have not received the award they have placed very high, but as of late this has changed as the quality of packaging that has come out of Treetop has been steadily declining over the past couple years. One would think that since the productivity of the packaging department has been declining, the whole mills productivity level would be declining with it since it is the deciding factor between a sale and a no sale. The other departments at Treetop Forest Products however have been doing the complete opposite of what the packaging department has. The planing and sawmill department have been steadily increasing their productivity levels over the past couple of years, with productivity being so high the sawmill department recently set a new record for a single day. That’s not to take away from the other three departments though, as they have been keeping their productivity level at a consistent level. This issue has become a major problem when increased or consistent productivity levels for 5 of the 6 departments should be considered a good thing, but in this case it is hampering the opportunity for sales to consumers for Treetop. Since the productivity levels are so high for the sawmill and planing departments, this often means that there is too much for the packaging department to do in one shift, so that has forced Treetop to add an extra overtime shift for the packaging department on Saturdays. Although, this is a great thing for the members of the packaging department as they are making more money, it has Treetop suffering major consequences since they are losing profit from each sale of the lumber because of the extra money they must shell out to the packaging department, and since there is not a permanent figure of authority in the packaging department the members are often seen taking advantage of not having a supervisor by taking longer lunches and breaks and leaving the job a few minutes before they should. These issues have caused Treetop...
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