Trees and Life

Topics: Oxygen, Human, Life Pages: 2 (455 words) Published: April 12, 2013
Hassain Aliahmad
Trees and life
Tree and human life are more similar than you might think. First a tree starts off as a seed, just as a person starts off in his mothers belly. when the human is being born he needs necessary essentials like food and water and a tree when first sprouting would need essentials like water and sunlight. Like a tree we get are nutrients from the ground as humans we get it in form of plants and the tree get the nutrients through its roots. Humans have different races like white, black and Indian trees have different kind of trees like maple leaf, red oak, and hackberry. Humans like trees have jobs both have a job to better benefit them self even though the lobs are different its necessary for their survival. Sickness humans and trees both get sick while when a tree gets sick it you can tell by the color of the leaf if its yellow or brown its in trouble when a human gets sick the temperature rises and sweating begins to occur. The competition begins trees compete with other trees for many different things like territory or more sunlight etc… as humans we compete for jobs, scholarships and more. Just as humans trees developed when trees are younger the more water and sun light received the stronger the trunk therefore the stronger the tree good human devolvement can mean different things you could be smarter and stronger . Just as we need oxygen to live trees need carbon dioxide. Trees make life for humans possible just as humans make life for trees possible since humans need oxygen which is produced by trees and trees need carbon dioxide which is produced by when humans breath carbon dioxide and trees take the carbon dioxide and turn it into oxygen. Just how trees hang out with each other in forest humans hang out in different groups or social classes. Humans start out as a baby as a tree starts out as a seed. As humans grow they develop they start as a baby develop into a toddler then become a kid then a...
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