Trebuchet Lab

Topics: Force, Trebuchet, Catapult Pages: 2 (748 words) Published: November 25, 2012
* To determine the how changing the throwing arm length and/or the counterweight mass affects the distance and direction that a can is thrown by a trebuchet. Trebuchet Test Results
Our trebuchet had some technical and engineering damage and it did not worked properly. When we launched the sauce can, it moved in opposite direction (away from the target). In the other hand, when we tried it in previous moments it did worked. Design: Drawing of your trebuchet

Questions and analysis:
1. Did your trebuchet worked correctly? If so, what was the maximum distance achieved? If not, why did it fail? It failed because the materials were damaged. The rope that attached one end of the throwing arm with the counterweight was damaged. This did not let the throwing arm to complete it cycle, to the can was launched before it was supposed to and the can moved backward. Also, the throwing arm was too loose and it moved from one side to the other side. 2. How might you measure the maximum height your trebuchet could launch the can? You might you measure the maximum height your trebuchet could launch the can using a reference point. Watching which was the highest point that the can reached and measure the distance from it. 3. What simple machine is the throwing arm?

The throwing arm is a lever and a lever a long stick that you push or pull against a fulcrum to move something. 4. What drawback and advantages does the trebuchet have in battle? Some drawbacks and advantages of the trebuchet in battle are that it helped to throw heavy things at enemies, have greater range capability and greater accuracy than the catapult, it launch object at a higher speed and its power is the counterweight. 5. How might you measure the maximum distance your trebuchet could launch? You might measure the maximum distance the trebuchet can launch the can by performing many trials, measuring and recording the different distances. The largest distance is the maximum distance...
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