Was the Treaty of Versailles Fair Towards the Germans?

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  • Published: January 10, 2006
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Was the Treaty of Versailles fair towards the Germans?


I will use the history text book, and online encyclopedia, like Britannica, to help find facts and information that's not bias. Still I might have to explore more websites, even its bias, because it can help me look at all the different views of this event and situation.

The Events

The Treaty of Versailles was not fair towards the Germans. The soul purpose of the whole treaty was thought to make "peace", but instead it's just a list of ways to punish Germany. The three main reasons that the treaty was unfair was because they have very harsh rules, the Germans can't refuse the Treaty, and it blames Germany for the cause of the war!

The punishment toward Germany was extremely harsh. After reading the actual Treaty of Versailles, in every single section of it, it will at least have one or two clauses talking about Germany. In the Treaty of Versailles they punish the German army and the German Fleet as separate issues. The punishment that was set for the German army that most sources talk about is that fact that the treaty had reduced the German army to 100,000 man in total. This is taken directly from the Treaty, it states all the restrictions that's placed on the army:


(1) By a date which must not be later than March 31, 1920, the German Army must not comprise more than seven divisions of infantry and three divisions of cavalry.

After that date the total number of effectives in the Army of the States constituting Germany must not exceed one hundred thousand men, including officers and establishments of depots. The Army shall be devoted exclusively to the maintenance of order within the territory and to the control of the frontiers.

The total effective strength of officers, including the personnel of staffs, whatever their composition, must not exceed four thousand.

(2) Divisions and Army Corps headquarters staffs shall be organised in accordance with Table No. 1 annexed to this Section.

The number and strengths of the units of infantry, artillery, engineers, technical services and troops laid down in the aforesaid Table constitute maxima which must not be exceeded.

The following units may each have their own depot:

An Infantry regiment; A Cavalry regiment; A regiment of Field Artillery; A battalion of Pioneers.

(3) The divisions must not be grouped under more than two army corps headquarters staffs.

The maintenance or formation of forces differently grouped or of other organisations for the command of troops or for preparation for war is forbidden.

The Great German General Staff and all similar organisations shall be dissolved and may not be reconstituted in any form.

The officers, or persons in the position of officers, in the Ministries of War in the different States in Germany and in the Administrations attached to them, must not exceed three hundred in number and are included in the maximum strength of four thousand laid down in the third sub-paragraph of paragraph (1) of this Article." (http://www.lib.byu.edu/~rdh/wwi/versailles.html)

This shows that not only the Treaty set limits to how many people the Germans can have under military service, they also set limits to how many people can work for a certain job in the German army. Not only that they also restrict how many Regiments and Battalion that the Germans can have, also the number of weapons and ammunitions are restricted too.

They couldn't fight a battle. They had absolutely no use for their army. The only thing that their army can do is border patrol and make sure the German citizen doesn't do anything bad. In the whole of Germany there are as many soldiers as there are police in northern California, or maybe even less. This is a harsh punishment because Germany have been a military bases country. Germans were known for strong army and good military tactics, if you give a pathetic little army with insignificant amount of...
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