Treaty of Versailles: Do Peace Settlements Create Conditions for New Conflicts?

Topics: World War II, Treaty of Versailles, World War I Pages: 3 (1113 words) Published: May 20, 2011
“Peace settlements create conditions for new conflicts.” With reference to the Treaty of Versailles explain to what extent you agree with this statement. (2005)

Peace settlements or treaties are set up to establish some ground rules between countries that are included within the settlement. Within these peace settlement restrictions that benefit some countries and harm others are imposed by the conferences that these settlements are created. In the Treaty of Versailles signed after the First World War Germany suffered of harm due to the restrictions it imposed on the country which included a loss of land, demilitarization and other restrictions. Germany was the country least benefited from this agreement while other countries like France who created the Treaty were benefited due to the extensive payments that Germany had to pay France due to the destruction it caused. This Treaty led to new tensions within new countries that were formed due to the division of land due to different nationalities forced to be enclosed within one newly formed country.

After the end of World War One a peace conference was set up in order to determine how the destruction caused by the war was going to be handled in order to try and satisfy rival countries. In the conference of the creation of The Treaty of Versailles the major consensus that its members arrived to was that the blame for most of the destruction in Europe was to be blamed to Germany. Germany due to its diplomatic relations had no vote in the future of the country of Germany which included a reduction in its army to 100,000 soldiers, no U-boats, reduced navy, no air force. This was implemented due to fear of a new attack by the German power to weakened countries in Europe which led to these restrictions in order to have full militaristic control over Germany. Not only did militaristic control gain provide security to the rival countries but security that Germany would be isolated and weak was one ultimate goal...
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