Treaty of Versailles

Topics: World War I, Treaty of Versailles, Paris Peace Conference, 1919 Pages: 1 (335 words) Published: April 26, 2013
The Treaty of Versailles was made after WWI in Paris 1919 there was a representative from America, Great Britain, France and Italy. American Woodrow Wilson, Great Britain's David Lloyd George, Frances Georges Clemenceau and Italy's Vittorio Orlando were known as the 'Big Five'. The Treaty was drawn up so Germany who was responsible for the war was to pay reparations to the allies and their associated powers. The Treaty consisted of Territorial Settlements, a war guilt clause, reparations and restrictions on military power.

THE STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES OF THE TREATY OF VERSAILLES. STRENGTHS: WEAKNESSES: 1. The treaty of Versailles brought peace to Europe, it also set up an international organization (the League of Nations) to preserve this peace. 2. The Treaty also meant that the countries had more of an individual identity, meaning they were not part of empires or controlled by anyone else, the boundaries were restored. 3. The treaty gave the surrounding countries of Germany space to breathe as as there was no immediate threat thanks to the de-militarization.

1. The Treaty did not make the League of Nations strong enough as it had no army and therefore relied on its member countries, meaning that it did not have the authority to go through with its decisions. 2. Italy and Japan resented the treaty as they did not feel that they got enough reward from it after fighting with the Allies. 3. Also the Treaty was not as strong as it could have been because the factor of the USA not joining was not considered, therefore also impacting on the League of Nations. 4. The treaty was signed by 45 countries. 5. It gave independence to Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia. 4. Britain thought that the reparations were to high and could stop trade with Germany. 5. The Treaty left the German people exposed and helpless, they reacted very badly (especially the war guilt). 6. Domestic oppositions at home as no one got their way. 7. Wilson failed to gain congressional support.
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