Treaty of Ghent Summary

Topics: British Empire, United States, World War II Pages: 1 (324 words) Published: May 9, 2013
The Treaty of Ghent

For my assignment on the Treaty of Ghent I decided to choose excerpt four over excerpt three. I chose excerpt four for many reasons but for one main reason that it isn’t just focused on Americas victory and defeating the British but its more focused on why Britain was letting America slide because Britain was more involved in fighting Napoleonic France. I think this is very important because America did not really win the war Britain just ran out of steam and have had enough fighting, 1. “... the British government was weary of war and anxious for peace”. This is a really key point because after Napoleonic France fell to Britain at Waterloo America was afraid that after the victory at Waterloo Britain was going start giving their full attention to the United States. Another reason excerpt four is the better option to be in a grade eleven textbook is because it is written in more of a story form where as excerpt three is just facts. One major point the excerpt four includes that excerpt three doesn’t is that both sides pushed for the treaty instead of another big war, 2. “These considerations prompted the two sides to begin negotiations”. I think this is one of the most important points because it shows how both America and Britain were not for war they wanted peace and to settle their differences. This shows more of a political side to why they signed the treaty and shows how both sides were not just out to kill each other and shed blood. Another point is that in excerpt three they don’t actually talk about the Treaty of Ghent a lot they talk more about other battles and wars and briefly talk about what the Treaty of Ghent was actually about whereas in excerpt four it goes into greater detail on what the Treaty of Ghent actually settled between Britain and America.
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