Treaty of Alliance 1778 between the United States and France

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  • Published : May 10, 2012
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Treaty of Alliance between the United States and France 1778

The treaty of alliance between the United States, and France was signed Feb 6, 1778. The United States had been at war with England, as well had France. The purpose of this treaty was to forge an alliance between the two countries in solidarity to fight the British Empire. The treaty stated in article 1, that both countries would assist each other as good and faithful allies. It was agreed, that neither party would conclude any truce with Great Britain unless formal consent with the other was first obtained, and independence of the United States was assured. The treaty also stipulates, both parties may invite or admit any other powers who may have suffered at the hand of England, as long as all parties agree. It was assured that American independence be the only condition of any future peace agreement. The treaty of Amity, and Commerce we also signed on Feb 6, 1778. This was to promote trade and commerce ties between the two countries. George Washington after hearing of the treaty wrote the Continental Congress dated May 1st 1778, stating that “No event was ever received with such heartfelt joy.”, “Long live the King of France.” No less than 20 years later in 1798 the Quasi-war began. This was an unofficial war between the United States and France. The Quasi-war was officially fought from July 7th 1798, till September 30, 1800, when the Treaty of Mortefontaine was signed. The principal cause for the Quasi-war was the signing of the Jay Treaty between the United States and Great Britain. While only a commercial agreement, the French viewed this as a violation of the Treaty of Alliance in 1778. The perception by the French, was that America was favoring Britain. However French privateers had been praying on American shipping for years prior to the beginning of the conflict. America had declared neutrality in the evolving conflict between the two countries; however the French began...
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