Treatment of Women in Hemingway's Works

Topics: Want, Need, Woman Pages: 3 (1059 words) Published: December 11, 2012
John Matthews
English 1121
Persuasive Essay

Some people may view the wife as being spoiled and immature because she complains about not having the things she begs for. This type of behavior does not define her personality. She wants to visualize herself as becoming a true woman and to go through this, she tries to lure people's attention and searches for the love she needs, making her want a lot of things. However, the wife felt that she wasn't excepted as a woman in the society and that's why she felt unhappy and dissatisfied. In Ernest Hemingway's short story, Cat in the Rain, the wife deserves to be treated better as a woman because her marriage lacks intimacy, she is treated poorly, and her femininity is ignored. The unhappiness and dissatisfaction she experiences during her life, stops her from feeling like this.

It can easily be identified that the wife's marriage is in a bad condition because she has an unaffectionate husband. Her husband is more interested in reading his book rather than worrying about what she is trying to say. The wife says, "I don't know why I wanted it so much. I wanted the poor kitty. It isn't fun to be a poor kitty out in the rain"(Hemingway 686). Then it is shown that "George was reading again"(Hemingway 686). This obviously indicates the emotional separation her husband has against her because he is ignoring the problems she is having. The wife wants attention by complaining and she wants her husband to care. But he shows no involvement about the situation when she is doing this. The wife's affection for the hotel keeper along indicates how bad the marriage is. Hemingway clearly shows this when he says, "She liked the hotel keeper"(685). Hemingway also says, "She liked the way he wanted to serve her"(685). This shows how happy the wife feels when the hotel keeper is giving her attention. The husband isn't focused about how the marriage is...
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