Treatment of Solid Waste in Ilorin, Nigeria

Topics: Waste, Biodegradable waste, Recycling Pages: 10 (2644 words) Published: November 6, 2011

* Ibrahim, S.I. ; Awomuti, A.A and Ajibade, L.T ( Ph. D)
* Department of Geography
Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University, Lapai, Nigeria.

Department of Geography, University of Ilorin, Nigeria.

*Correspondence’s e-mail and address.


An analysis of the activities of the Kwara Waste Management Company (KWMC) was carried out with particular emphasis on the storage and treatment of wastes for sustainable environment in Ilorin. The types of data collected for the study include types and sources of waste generated in Ilorin, methods of storing waste, types and sizes of containers used in storing waste, ways and types of treatment embarked upon, types of insecticides or disinfectants, and legislations on storage and treatment of solid waste in Ilorin. The land use system was adopted for the purpose of gathering relevant data and information. The most recent prevalent land use system was used while houses, shops, offices, hospitals, and schools were selected at random for interviews and administration of questionnaires. 250 questionnaires were randomly distributed to the land use areas considering the population strength and activities in each of them. The findings of the study rated Ilorin at 55% and recommendations are presented.

Key words: Wastes, Management, Sustainable Environment, Storage, Treatment Legislative.

Of utmost importance in the management procedures of solid waste is an efficient and proper system of storage, coupled with an appropriate disinfectant treatment at points or places being generated from. Though, waste has been described as rubbish or materials that are not needed and are economically unusable without further processing; the constituents may be in liquid, gas or solid form and originate from a wide range of human operations, such as industrial commercial, transportation, agricultural, medical, and domestic activities (Agunwamba, 2003).

In every society, people have their traditional ways of storing and keeping waste being generated from residential, industrial and commercial activities. This obviously has resulted in the designing of containers of various materials and capacities. Consequent upon this, most wastes generated go through some biological and chemical reactions, which lead to the breeding and attracting of micro organism, insects and rodents, with usual fowl odor emanating there from. All these resultant effects can be attributed to the sizes and types of containers used or where the stored wastes are being kept. Also, separation or sorting of waste largely affects the degree of reactions that take place where the waste are stored.

The points highlighted above, informs the need for this paper, with the hope that it will be of an immense contribution to the body of knowledge. The recommendations will no doubt help in better policy formulation, and result oriented awareness creation. Study area

Ilorin is located on latitude 8030’N and Longitude 4035’E with an area of about 100km2 (Kwara State Diary 1997). The city is situated in the transitional zone between the forest and savanna region of Nigeria (figure 1). The geology of Ilorin consists of Pre-Cambrian basement complex with an elevation that varies from 273m to 333m in the West having an isolated hill (Sobi hills) of about 394m above sea level and 200m to 364m in the East. Oyegun, 1983 further asserted that a large part of Ilorin town is laid by sedimentary rock, which contains both primary and secondary laterites and alluvial deposits. The major river in Ilorin is Asa, which flows North-South direction dividing the plain into...
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