Treating People as Human Beings & as Economic Resources Is Not a Mutually Exclusive Proposition

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Treating People As Human Beings & As Economic Resources Is Not A Mutually Exclusive Proposition

In this essay I will be going through the ways employees should be treated for them to perform best in a company and looking at them as economical resources or human beings. I will look at different management styles and look through the theoretical perspectives of Unitarists, Pluralists and radicals as well as the relationship between employees and the business. I will also analyze different management styles look to see which one is the most effective.

Relationship between employees and the business

There are 3 main theories on the relationships between the employer and the employee these are unitarist, pluralist and radical. The unitarist theory believes that a business is united and as one with every employee working together for the same goal with large percentage if not every one in agreement. A unitary business will need loyalty from it’s members to be successful. Employees will get to know owners and each other quickly and team bonding will take place quickly employees will feel part of a group and not on there own “one big happy family” is a quote which could best describe the environment. Conflicts rarely happen but when they do they are hard to resolve. Lack in communication and lack of good management will be the main course of problems so good communication and management is paramount for this concept to work. A trade union is unnecessary because there should be little conflict with no different groups having conflicting views. Conflicts can be a big issue in this environment and waste a lot of time.

Pluralist theory has employers and employees working in different ways to achieve similar but in some cases different goals. The theory takes into account that arguments and disagreements will happen because of conflicting views and works to try and harmonies disputes. Guidelines need to be in place to negotiate when contrasting viewpoints arise. Procedures to prosecute and discipline may also be needed to keep employees from over stepping their bounds. Trade unions are very important in pluralist theory because they can help deal with problems such as strikes and other disagreements between different sectors of the business. Trade unions allow employees and employers to speak to one another with group representing employees and in some case also employers to come to some kind of agreement. One example of how a trade union has helped employees is when “…trade unions of the Netherlands and the Dutch Association of Temporary Work Agencies, Algemene Bond Uitzendondernemingen (ABU), agreed to an across-the-board 1% wage increase for all temporary workers in the country.” Taken from There is currently also a case where Sir Lanka trade unions are fighting because of a wage increase which has not met expectations. “Trade unions say a wage increase of LKR500 ($4.50) announced this month is inadequate and also unfair, because the increase only applies to workers in free trade zones. The wage increase is effective from 1 January 2011.” Says Dilshani Samaraweera of Chamila Thushari the programme coordinator of Da Bindu Collective Said "Around 200,000 are working in garment factories inside export processing zones. They get the LKR500 increase. But another 250,000 or so, are in garment factories outside the zones. They do not get this wage increase," Trade unions representing the workers are now asking for a 30% increase of wages for all of the garment workers in Sir Lanka. These two examples of trade unions show how they can be useful in helping employees and business in make employees and employers happy, bringing feedback and being able to treat employees like humans.

Radical theory is an extreme theory which can be close to like capitalism is. The employees will almost always never agree with the employer and arguments are almost always going to happen...
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