Treating Ill Infants and Children

Topics: Human rights, Patient, Physician Pages: 2 (443 words) Published: November 24, 2012
Miracle Brown
HLT 305
March 11, 2012

Treating Ill Infants and Children

As a physician, you are placed with difficult situations each and every day. It is up to the Physician to help determine what is right for the patient. A child physician has a very difficult situation to determine. They have to determine what is right for the child health.

The situation is about a female patient who has just given birth to a Down’s child with severe heart defects and probable total deafness. The patient and her husband have informed the physician of their intentions to start legal proceedings to have their child be no code; that is, that no surgeries will be performed and the child will not be revived from cessation of breathing or cardiac arrest. Their intent is that the child will be fed and made as pain-free and comfortable as possible until dying naturally. As a physician I was forced to help make good decisions for the welfare of the child health.

As a physician, it is my position to make sure that the child gets all the health she needs and to also respect the parent’s orders. The physician can’t go against the parents’ rights.

I feel that all efforts should be made to save the child, no matter the procedures used or the cost. I say this because I feel that the child have a right to live. The child didn’t ask to be born like that. Everyone has the right to live no matter what the situation is.

I feel that there should be others allowed to make the decision that the parents have made for the child. The parents have a right to make this decision, but I feel that since they made a decision like this that the proper authority should be called in to make this decision. It seems that the parents have given up their rights, since they made that decision, so proper authority have the right to make decisions.

There should be a lot of limits of the patient’s right to choose. The parents shouldn’t be able to decide whether the child...
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