Treasure: Question and Wonderful Mom

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What do you treasure most in your life?

Have you ever asked yourself “What do I treasure most in my life?”? It may come as a difficult question to some people. But if someone asks me that, without a second thought, I can immediately answer them:” In my life, the thing I treasure the most is life itself”. My mother gave me my life. And my life gave me the chance to have such a wonderful mom, a happy family. My family is very precious to me. My parents, who are kind, warm and caring, always believe and encourage me. Their love endures even if I disappoint them or do something wrong, unacceptable. They always forgive me no matter what I do. My parents are my idols, my BIG FRIENDS. Thanks to them, I was born and have such a beautiful life. Just want to say loudly” Born again still your daughter!”. My brother is also very important to me. He is 8 years older than me, so sometimes I feel that he is cold and uncaring. But absolutely, he is a good brother who always hopes the best things to come to me. Although we do have arguments and have little in common, there is an invisible bond binding two of us together. Because of all of these sweet things, I love my family so much!!! No one can live happily without friends. Yes, so do I. Life gave me many good friends, who are always ready to give me their shoulders when I am sad and about to cry, or congratulate and share the happiness with me when I am succeed. Friends play a very important part of my life. Without them, my life would be so boring and full of loneliness. Finally but also importantly, my life gave me the chance to enjoy itself. Without life, I will not be able to enjoy all the things I take for granted like eating an ice-cream, watching the sunset and feeling the cold breezes against my cheeks,….etc….. In your life, you may find something different precious than mine. But with me, to have the chance to live is an incomparably wonderful and lucky thing. Indeed, there is nothing that I treasure more than...
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