Treasure Island: the Journey of Jim Hawkins

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  • Published : October 9, 2008
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For the duration of existence, people undergo the physical and mental stages of growing up. During this phase, people establish through their dealings who they actually are in addition to what they are worth. For instance, Treasure Island is an adventure tale, but it is also the story of one boy’s (Jim Hawkins) coming of age. On the outset of the voyage, Jim was a timid adolescent, but by the closing stages, he had matured incredibly. In his novel, Treasure Island, author Robert Louis Stevenson focuses primarily on the journey of main character Jim Hawkins to exemplify the process of growing up and proving oneself.

Jim Hawkins’ transformation from a timid, 13-year old boy to a young man began when a sailor by the name of Billy Bones arrived at the Admiral Benbow Inn. Jim wasn’t familiar with Bone’s reputation at the time, although the meeting of Billy Bones did leave a memorable first impression on him. “I remember him as if it were yesterday, as he came ploddy to the Inn door, his sea chest following behind him in a hand-baron, a tall, strong, heavy, nut-brown man, his pigtail falling over the shoulders of his soiled blue coat; his hands ragged and scarred, with black, broken nails; and the sabre cut across one cheek. I remember him looking ‘round the cove and whistling to himself as he did so often afterwards” (Stevenson 1). Soon after his arrival, Bones made the Inn his permanent residence for the time being. “The story begins with the arrival of a mysterious old sailor named Bill Bones at the Admiral Benbow, a quiet seaside Inn operated by Jim’s father. The old sailor establishes himself at the Inn, spending his days watching the sea and his nights singing, drinking, and telling stories in the tavern” (Howes 470). Bone’s stay at the Inn was a change of pace for Jim because he hardly knew anything of the outside world or anybody in it. Little did Bones and the Hawkins family know; trouble was soon to come.

Soon after Billy Bones had settled in at the Admiral Benbow, two mysterious seamen made their way to the Inn as well. At first, it may just have seemed like a coincidence to Jim and his family, but it was clear to see that both pirates were in search for Bones. The captain has two encounters at Admiral Benbow. One is with Black Dog, a former shipmate, in which the captain knifes Black Dog, who eventually runs away. The next encounter, which happens quickly, is with a blind shipmate, Pew. Pew gives Bones a “black spot”, and once Pew leaves, Bones promptly dies (Stevenson 15, 26-27). It was plain to see that Bones had his enemies, and as a result, he paid the price for it. There was more to the pirates looking for Bones than just executing him. Black Dog and Pew, former pirates, arrive at the Admiral Benbow Inn in search for Billy Bones, knowing Bones stays at the Inn with Flint’s map. Bones receives a “black spot” and soon after dies (Wright 60-61). This very same map that belonged to Flint would play a key role in inspiring Jim’s journey.

After the death of Billy Bones, Jim and his mother snooped around his room and happened to find Bones’ chest. In that sea chest was debts owed to Jim’s parents and also a package containing a map. “I’ll take what I have” she said, jumping to her feet. “And I’ll take this to square the count” said I, picking up the oil skin packet” (Stevenson 34-35). The finding of this oil skinned package enthused Jim to find out where this map led to, while staying clear of other shipmates of Bones in the process. “Jim and his mother search the captain’s sea chest for money to settle his debts. In addition to some of the money owed to them, Jim removes an oil skin package from the chest, just managing to escape the return of the blind man and his fellow buccaneers” (Wright 61). However, it was in Jim’s best interest to keep a steady watch for other shipmates like Pew and Black Dog if he was serious about finding where the oil skinned package would guide him.

Immediately after the discovery...
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