Treasure Island

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  • Published : December 11, 2011
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Treasure Island
In the novel Treasure Island, a few themes are present that were also in our previous novels such as Fifth Business, Wuthering Heights, and Hamlet. All the novels demonstrate an element of good and evil, also in each there is a bold hero that defies the odds and goes on a journey that tests him both emotionally and physically. These elements are proved by the characters actions, thought and how they handle intricate situations. The theme of good and evil is present in both real life and almost every fictional novel. The novels that are completely surrounded by the struggle between evil against good are; Heart of Darkness, Wuthering Heights, and of course Treasure Island. These books are all connected by the actions and problems they encounter, and how they react. In Wuthering Heights the evil involved comes from the actions committed by Heathcliff. Heathcliff’s true love Catherine breaks his heart, by abandoning him for a wealthier more powerful man. This was too much for Heathcliff to handle, so he plots revenge against everyone who had ever conspired against him, including the children of his dear beloved Catherine. In the Heart of Darkness there is a different type of evil committed. One of the important characters, Kurtz is stationed in the heart of the African jungle where he is to find and collect ivory, a substance of very high value. This obsession drives Kurtz into madness, he takes advantage of the natives by taking them prisoner in order to harvest the ivory. Now compared to Treasure Island the types of evil actions are very similar, finding treasure and seeking revenge on the people who have crossed you. The pirates took advantage of Jim the honest sailors of the crew and the map that they had possessed. The pirates acted as a part of the crew and gave the impression that they would share the wealth they were searching for. “One more cheer for captain Smollet, cried long John” (pg. 74 Treasure Island). This quote was an example of...
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