Treadway Tire Company

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  • Published : October 24, 2011
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Introduction:High Turnover and Lack of Job Satisfaction Presents Challenges for Treadway Tire Company Lima Plant High turnover and lack of job satisfaction at Treadway Tire Company is on the rise and presents challenges. The Lima Plant projected year-end figures were 23 out of 50 foremen turned over that equates to a rate of 46% which is extremely high. These issues stems from inadequate training to lack of trust and respect. Background: Treadway Tire Company Lima Plant, Lima, OH

Treadway Tire Company is a major supplier in the United States tire manufacturing business. The Lima Plant employs roughly 1,120 people.  Problem: Treadway Main Areas of Concerns
The main areas of concerns are as follows:
* Lack of Experience
* Lack of proper training of supervisors and employees
* No control of hiring and firing
* Undue pressure to produce results
* Lack of respect up and down the chain
* Low Morale

Opportunities: Evaluate and Change the Environment
There are many areas of opportunities for improvement: Challenge upper management to develop a new mindset; evaluate and change the environment; establish effective communications; build up morale company-wide, and push promotion from within. -------------------------------------------------


Recommendations: Reversing Turnover Rate and Revamping
The following recommendations are submitted for the areas of concerns: * Invest in your line foreman by implementing the rotational training program * Revamp Grievance process to involve Line Foreman

* Involve Line Foreman in hiring and firing of employees
* Develop Safety Officer position for every shift
* Revisit Mentor Program with upper management
* Schedule communications and stress management classes for all employees * Develop job rotation roster for...
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