Treadmill: Warming Up and Speed

Topics: Warming up, Walking, MercyMe Pages: 2 (260 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Treadmill Shredmill

1st set warm up slow
0-3:00inc: 2speed: 5.5km/h
3-5:00inc: 4speed: 6.5km/h
5-7:00inc: 5speed: 8km/h
7-8:00inc: 2speed: 9.5km/h
2nd set same thing, start sweating now!
8-11:00inc: 2speed: 5.5km/h
11-13:00inc: 4speed: 6.5km/h
13-15:00inc: 5speed: 8km/h
15-16:00inc: 2speed: 9.5km/h
3rd set booty buildin’ time
16-20:00inc: 12speed: 6km/h
20-21:00inc: 15speed 6.5km/h
21-23:00inc: 10speed: 5km/h
4th set booty’s burning – oooh!
23-27:00inc: 12speed: 6km/h
27-28:00inc: 15speed: 6.5km/h
28-30:00inc: 10speed: 5km/h
5th set c’mon lets shape em them leggies!
30-34:00inc: 12speed: 6km/h
34-35:00inc: 15speed: 6.5km/h
35-37:00inc: 10speed 5km/h
6th & final set! Focus now! Almost there!
37-41:00inc: 12speed: 6km/h
41-42:00inc: 15speed: 6.5km/h
42-44:00inc: 10speed: 5km/h
One last one – go hard!!!
44-45:00inc: 2speed: 9.5-16km/h
Cool down walk. You made it!
45-50:00 inc: 0speed: 4.5km/h

Yes, you can last this long on a treadmill
Train like a beast to look like a beauty (
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