Treading Unchartered Territory

Topics: Olfaction, Personal life, Smell Pages: 2 (750 words) Published: November 12, 2012
Madison Bayless
November 7, 2012
Mrs. Adams
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Uncharted Territory
Researchers think that taking a child out of his or her everyday life will sooner or later affect them badly. Not in my case. Born and raised in California, a life full of smog, rudeness, and pride was all I knew. At the age of ten, I was abruptly moved to Oklahoma: a place the complete opposite of everything I had ever experienced. Because of the move that dramatically altered my life, I am a better person all around.

As any ten year old would be, I thought I had the world and my life figured out. I had my entire life planned out from marriage to my funeral. That plan didn’t include a sudden move to Oklahoma by any means. The plan consisted more of growing up to be the next big movie star, marrying a famous man, and living in Hollywood. When I learned of the move to Oklahoma, I thought my life was destroyed and crumbling in front of my eyes. I felt the sting of losing all of my friends and the life I comfortably lived. I would be leaving a school that I loved and moving to uncharted territory. All of this change would make me a stronger person later in life. I learned how to deal with sudden changes as well as lasting changes. Living in Oklahoma, especially in our “want it now” society, taught me to learn to live with changes that one might encounter. Sometimes you can’t control what will happen, but you can control your attitude towards the subject.

Being uprooted with such short notice of a convenient, loved life can really put your life into focus. I never realized how thankful I was for the small things. Take green grass for example. The smell of green grass is completely different from brown grass. Green grass smells full of life while brown grass has a smell full of dryness and death. In Oklahoma, everything is brown. There aren’t a wide variety of trees or plants either. In California, there is an extreme abundance of diversity in plants. Little things like that I am...
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