Tray Toppers of Cravings Restaurant

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3.4 Sourcing
Fresh potatoes will be delivered weekly by our distributor directly from the U.S. We also have an agreement with Company Q to exclusively manufacture our signature sauces, and all of our merchandise will be printed and produced by our partner's office in China. 3.5 Sales Programs

Each opening of Fresin Fries will have, more or less, the same marketing mix as the others. Below are the programs that we will develop to open each location. Grand Opening
Each new outlet will have outdoor signage as soon as possible. We want the signage to be supported by banners before the opening. Point of Purchase
We will use "tray toppers" to explain the concept and philosophy of Fresin Fries. We will also sell gift certificates, announce future job openings, and possibly mention franchise opportunities. Direct Mail Piece

A stand-alone piece, folded, will be produced in full color on heavy weight paper. Inside will be all the important details of Fresin Fries, explanation of our menu, prices, house of operation and a locator map. 3.6 Future Products

For now, we will focus on selling fries and signature sauces. However, as we grow further, we will add new categories to our menu, such as Belgian Sandwiches and Buffalo Wings. In the future, our growth strategy will be offering the franchise of our brand to food entrepreneurs in the region. The success of Bread Talk franchising in Indonesia is the best example on growing globally. Value Meal

Sales of Fresin Fries will not only generated from the selling of its famous Belgian Fries, but also will be generated by the conception of an innovative package menu called the "value meal." It primarily consists of a combination of our featured Belgian Fries, sandwiches and Italian soda at greater value than selling at individual items. Further customization could be done by selling a bigger size of fries called "Uber Fresin" to attract price sensitive customers. Private Parties

Brochures and handouts will explain that we can...
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