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Love is My Religion
Yes as kids we are raise to follow and continue with the religion we are brought up upon. But who is to say that my religion is better than yours. And who determine what or which religion is justified in doing what they do and say. Religion have always confuse me because as a kid I wondered if I was following the right religion or is they Hindu family up the street in the right religion, no, maybe being a Buddha is the true chosen religion, again who determines this. There are so many religions with their own interpretation and belief system on how one should live his or her life until death. The song that I chose title is “Love is My Religion”, it was written by Ziggy Marley (who is the son of the late Bob Marley) and was released on July 2, 2006 by Tuff Gong World Wide record label. Its genre is reggae-pop, and it describes Ziggy’s feelings toward religion and his quest for the right religion.  I think everyone can relate to it. Religions are such personal things that don't need to be preached about to everyone. If you are religious, keep your beliefs and faith in your God but respect other people's beliefs at the same time. That would be much better in the long run than if you were to try to convert everyone who believed in something different to you.

The poetic style that best fit “Love is My Religion” has to be the Dramatic monologue. “Well, I'm done searching now I found out what this life is worth. Not in the books did I find, but by searching my mind." These lyrics are incredibly powerful. My interpretation of this verse is that Ziggy has realized that there is so much more out there than just what the Bible says, and that we need to live our lives with open minds and hearts. I'm not saying religious people are closed minded, I'm saying that there's no harm in taking a step back and asking yourself if you're living your life to the fullest. Sometimes you can get so caught up in what God will think of you if you do this or that, that you forget about how much freedom there is for you out there. I have been in these types of situations.

I notice 2 pairs of Couplets in the structure of the poem and it goes; “I don't want to fight
Hey, let's go fly a kite
There's nothing that we can't cure
And I'll keep you in my arms for sure
“Love Is My Religion" is mainly about not living your life committed to one specific religion, and instead living your life for you. I was raised in a Christian household and surrounding and to be completely honest, I felt almost suffocated by the rules, regulations expectations and responsibilities that came with it. I still believe in a divine God, but I have learned that it's ultimately my life and I don't want to live it feeling like I'm in a cage. The sound and the repetition of the course "(Love is my religion) Love is my religion

(Love is my religion)
Love is my religion”
Illustrates the use of enjambment. However the poetic sound of Epistrophe clauses can be seen at the end of these two lines “Hey, you can take it or leave it And you don't have to believe it”

One good example of the use of rhyme scheme “I don't want to fight Hey, let's go fly a kite
there's nothing that we can't cure
And I'll keep you in my arms for sure” Its pattern is in the aabb formation. When Ziggy says “I don't condemn, I don't convert” I see what he is symbolizing Which is, judge not, people are people just as you and I. no matter what is their religion we can get along if we put religion aside. “Free spirits have to soar”, symbolism mean even though we may belong to a religion we must remember we are still individual and should not let religion govern our entire life, but roam the earth and love one another for being just who ever we are. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a loving person and sharing your love with the world. Religion itself doesn't create tension and war it is...
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