Traveling Around the World

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Traveling Around the World
I am a great traveler known to the open world. I traveled through China, I traveled through Russia, and I traveled everywhere you can ever imagine. But my story starts in Jakarta. I didn’t like traveling but I was challenged by my friend, Benny, to discover new things in this whole world, to do things that no one has ever done, and he said he would give me a surprise if I did it, so I took the challenge.

I was confused where to start, but I kept on thinking. I texted my friend where to start and he told me just to follow the Earth. I kept on wondering what that meant, until I saw the map of the Earth. I will start from Australia to Los Angeles and back to Jakarta and I will think about the transportation I will use. I will start next week.

I arrived in the airport to go to Brisbane, Australia. During the flight, I met a girl who loved traveling and she said she’s ready for the challenge, her name was Jessie and she was beautiful. When we arrived in Brisbane the first thing we did was to take a taxi and stayed in a hotel called the Golden Palace. We rented a car and traveled the whole Brisbane. My favorite part is when we went to the Warner Bros Studio because we played everything there and Jessie became my girlfriend. The next day we checked out and took off to go to Beijing.

Benny transferred $60,000 to my account to help me continue the great travel. When we arrived in China, we went to a national park and rode a bike around it. The view was amazing but we had to leave. Before we checked in we bought cheap cameras in a black market store. We stayed in the Grand Hyatt hotel and we got the suite room, it was huge and luxurious. The next day we checked out and went to the Great Wall of China. We had no time to walk just a quarter of the whole Great Wall but Jessie bought some amazing clothes and I saw beautiful view everywhere around it. We rode a bus to the airport and left China for Russia.

Something happened during the...
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