Travel Tourism Impact on Economy

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  • Published : September 3, 2012
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Task 3: Travel and Tourism, how it contributes to the UK
The importance of the UK tourism industry to the UK economy is often busy, yet it is the UK’s fifth largest industry and contributes £115bn to the UK economy. It has also been one of the rapidly growing sectors of the British economy over the past 20 years and employs around 2.6m people – around 8% of the total UK workforce. Inbound tourism

Inbound tourism contributes to the UK economy as 29.8 million overseas visitors that came to UK in 2010 spent £16.9 billion. Also In 2010 the UK came sixth in the international tourist arrivals league straight after France, USA, China, Spain and Italy. Also in 2010 the UK came seventh in the international tourism earnings league straight after the USA, Spain, France, China, Italy and Germany. London accounts for 52% of all inbound visitor spend, the rest of England 35%, Scotland 9% and Wales 2%. Domestic tourism

Domestic tourism contributes to the UK economy contributes to the UK economy by giving the UK more money (GDP). When you spend money in the UK, perhaps just in an amusement park or even just a shop. During 2010 UK residents took 56.6 million holidays of one night or more spending £121.1 billion and £42.8 million overnight trips to friends and relatives spending £4.4 billion. Many people find domestic tourism is better as they could do similar activities as if going abroad, however in the same country for a cheaper price. Outbound tourism

Outbound tourism contributes to the UK economy as it gives UK more money; this is by those who go overseas for short haul or long haul journeys, the UK agent is able to make a commission through this- fees charged for by an agent for his/ her service.
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