Travel by Air Report

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  • Published : April 6, 2011
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Travel by air

Abstract :

The aim of this report was give how to make a trip for a holiday. Based on the short-clips, the discussion focuses on the process of a trips, such as reservation for flight and hotel, cheking or sercurity procedures at the airport,… All of them is very necessary for a beginner who travel independently at the first time. In addition, this report also will give some new ways to make a trip more quickly these days.

Introduction :

Air travel has become ever more popular because of convenience, affordability and the ability of airlines to cater for individuals of all ages and with disabilities. Technical advances allow passengers to fly longer distances and at greater altitudes than ever before. Each year approximately one billion people travel domestically and internationally. It has been predicted that in the next two decades the number of passengers travelling by air will double. However, it is very importance for a beginner who travel independently for the first time to know how to make a trip. For example, the clips show some essential cases in a trip. Through these clips, we can know how to travel by air more clearly.

Content :

First step : Arranging for the trip

In the first clips, Martin are arranging for his trip through the travel agent. Travel agent can book airline reservations and make other travel-related arrangements. The agencies can search for the best deal on hotels, cruises and more. They will know the ins and outs of finding a good hotel room, searching for discounts or specials and making reservations. In addition, we should care about destinations, dates and personal information. It's helpful to know what arrangements you can make before booking your flight. Gauging the best destination airport and the most convenient travel time will help keep inconveniences. We’ll need a credit card or a debit card with credit capabilities (such as a Visa debit) if we do not have cash. And paying by credit card will...
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