Travel and Tourism Field : Bangkok Field Trip

Topics: Tourism, World Tourism Organization Pages: 7 (2736 words) Published: March 23, 2013
Tourism is clearly understood as an eminent cause of umpteen changes involving various aspects, consisting of the destination's economy, politics and culture (Cohen, 2001; Crick, 1994). With these radical changes, local's hold different attitude towards tourism development and tourists themselves, both positively and negatively. Tourists behavioral, as one aspect leading to the influential of local's attitude towards tourism, were bought upon by their motivation to travel as well as their origin country and culture. MacCannell (1989) suggests that tourism is a social phenomenon that can be viewed as a stage where human interactions transpire. As for this case study, preeminent focus will be on what motivate tourists to travel, their behavior and interaction towards the locals, as well as how locals response to these behaviors of the tourists and their perception towards them. This study was limited in one specific tourism attraction in Bangkok. Tourism industry is a major economic factor in Thailand. With new shopping malls and hotels built in Bangkok over recent years, international visitors grew over 14 million vacationing in Thailand, ranking 18th most visited country in the world (Tourism Authority of Thailand, 2010). Brief interviews and observation will be focus onto the locals and tourists regard their behavior and interaction in Bangkok. Case study in Bangkok

A different sense of space induced upon arrival at the airport, with heightened attention on the objectives of the study trip, eyes were wide open and attempting to spot on materials relevant for the research. During the trip, most of the traveling was done via walking and communication barrier was an obstacle to be tackled during interaction with the locals. In attempt to accomplish the study trip theme, three interviews were conducted with other tourists and eight conducted with the locals, those of known common languages. Interesting responses were given from the locals with different job roles. Culture shock arise while observing their socio cultural environment, specifically on the public response towards the young boy with both arm amputated under the blazing sun begging for money and how locals could dine under severe unhygienic conditions. Observation and experimental test proven local's attitude towards tourists can easily be manipulated with tipping and money. Many tourists with similarity nationality were spotted in the street of Phetchaburi shopping malls and streets. In aspect of tourism glaze, it was dishearten to watch other tourists with the same nationality to behavior in an unethical manner. Events as such were several wastage of food by the tourists due to the cheap pricing or fondness to try out Thai Cuisines rather than filling up and absurd bargaining by tourists in shopping malls. Literature review

Researches and theories of others were studied to apprehend tourism motivation of traveling. Personality and motivation are interrelated, where personality could be divided into psychocentric, as non-adventuresome, and allocentric groups, as adventuresome (Plog, 1974). Dann (1977) and Crompton (1979) both emphasize the importance of "Push" and "Pull" factors shaping tourist motivations. Iso-Ahola (1982) suggests tourism motivation consist of extrinsic component, desire to escape the everyday environment, and intrinsic component, desire to acquire psychological rewards through travel in a different environment. Kozak's (2002) study examines the differences in tourist motivation between nationalities, as well as the destinations. His study discovered four dimensions of travel motivations includes cultural, pleasure or fantasy based, relaxation based and physical motives. Ambro (2005) suggests that when tourists interact in a certain destination for a long duration of time, a kind of place dependency will be developed and may even become part of their identity which develop their avidity to visit the place again With aspect to...
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