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Choose one travel and tourism organisation and describe the marketing mix for that organisation. (P3)

Thorpe Park


Product: A good, idea, method, information, object or service that is the ultimate result of a process and serves as a need or want satisfier.

Services: Services are provided to consumers with the great manner.

➢ Thorpe Park rides

The Swarm Ride

The Swarm ride is new ride in Thorpe Park for 2012, they have a unique winged seating position, noting above or below you but air, terrifying 127ft inverted drop under a plane wing, speeds of up to 92 KPH, pull up to 4.5gs and 2,543 feet relentless, twisted metal.

The SAW ride

The Saw ride is now more terrifying than ever because a nerve shredding beyond vertical 100ft drop down so quickly, 3 insane inversions, speeds of up to 55 MPH, pull up to 4.7GS and 2,397 feet of mean metal track. Anyone can ride this Saw ride but they need to be at least 1.4m tall and 51 inch torso restriction.

The Rush Ride

Rush is one of the thrill ride in Thorpe Park because it’s really scary ride that anyone would like to try. To seat on this ride you need to be at least 1.3m tall otherwise you wouldn’t be able to seat for security reason.

The Nemesis Inferno Ride

The Nemesis Inferno Ride is flips the rollercoaster on its head with inverted Hell ride into the fiery pit of a volcano which can make people a bit scared and they enjoy this. In order to sit on this ride the person must be at least 1.4m tall and 51 Inch chest restriction.

The Tidal Wave Ride

The Tidal Wave Ride is thrill for seekers who ride a tidal wave they can kiss dryness goodbye, experiencing a heart-stopping 85ft plunge into the blue, producing the tallest wall of water this side of the North Sea. Whoever sits on this ride they will get drench. To sit on this ride you should be at least 1.2m tall.

The Samurai Ride

This ride is simply great and anyone can enjoy siting on this ride because it spins relentlessly through 360 degree of stomach-churning terror. This ride is one of the most extreme thrill rides the Thorpe Park has to offer everyone who visit to them. To sit on this ride you need to be at least 1.4m tall and 51 inch torso restriction.

Nature of product

The nature of product of and service at Thorpe Park is intangible, which mean their customer have a thrill-seeking experience.

Perishable means it is expired that mean you cannot use it same ticket after that date expired.

Thorpe Park delivered good customer service or bad customer service. For Example, Thorpe Park on their website it is it they provided sufficient information on their website for their customers if not then it is bad customer service which means that they have less customers come to Thorpe Park. Thorpe Park produces products and services to meet marketing objectives for a particular product might include increasing product awareness among targeted consumers.

Describe the brand name of Thorpe Park?
Thorpe Park is owned by Merlin Entertainments group.
Thorpe Park is used for several reasons: To help recognition, to make the product different, to create brand loyalty, to develop a brand image

If the customer really likes the brand they trust the product and buy the same product again. Thorpe Park as a brand looks to attract to their customers.

Describe the unique selling point (USP), offered by Thorpe Park? According to Thorpe Park the unique selling point of the ride is that guests are not restrained in; the centrifugal force is enough to keep people tight in their seats, which is quite a feeling, No other ride at Thorpe Park inverts riders without giving them any restraint whatsoever; in fact, most provide full over the shoulder restraints for good measure. As with all Thorpe Park rides, it is actually very secure, but one can't help feel daunted by it. Sitting in the carriages,...
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