Travel and Torusim

Topics: Tourism, Economy, Economics Pages: 5 (1727 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Travel and tourism has become one of the major boosts in the economy of any country. Every country's aim is to increase its income through tourism. Therefore each ministry of tourism in any country is seeking for the best ways of promoting and developing the industry. The African countries have become major beneficiaries of the industry. This has been brought about by the stability in the jobs on the developed countries. These people have a low limitation in their spending power therefore in a position to manage high budget restaurants, hotels and other recreational parks. The domestic tourism is also on the rise because of the change in the security level in the world and the improved technology (Economywatch, n.d.). The tourism industry has to adopt policies which are aimed at attracting a big number of tourists. These policies are geared to improving the products offered and raising the standards to reach the world standards. The many countries are offering promotional tools and deploying well trained personnel to undertake research activity on tourist requirements in the betterment of the industry. There is need of countries to improve the industries related to tourism for the industry to grow steadily. These industries include; food and beverage industry, hotel and lodging services, banking and insurance industry, retail market, transport and communication industry (Diaz 2001). Effects of Tourism in Developed Countries

Tourism in the developing countries has come as a two way activity. It has increased the activity and the way culture is viewed and has raised curiosity exposing all cultural ways. Tourism has now become economically exploitive and upcoming side-effect of globalization. The indigenous people in the developed countries are taking this as a new source of income as service workers in tourism industry. They are also becoming tourism exhibits themselves, selling their different kinds of art, organizing dances in their villages for the visitors, preparing traditional foods and showing different types of customs. This has come as a good way of fighting the great enemy of unemployment but this has hampered the communities negatively. While this incorporates them in the new economy, they also affect them culturally as this lowers their rate of civilization. This has become more evident in the Maasai pastoral groups in Kenya and Tanzania (Azarya, 2007). Tourism and the economy

Tourism has proved to be a pillar in most world economies. It is the only service sector which has proven as an economic activity depended upon by many nations irrespective of their level of development. In the developing countries it is the major foreign exchange earner than such other exports like export of agricultural produce. Tourism has affected many youths positively in these countries since their concentration is now focused on improving their services and commodities to earn a living through the tourism industry (Twarog, 2004). Tourism in the developing economies has come as welcoming activity and service. It has changed many people's life and way of thinking towards environmental conservation. Tourism has now become a sector offering employment opportunities to many due to its links to other related economic activities. Other sectors are growing to support the running of Tourism. This has raised the need of developing policies so as to capitalize on the advantages of internationalization of markets (Diaz, 2001). Risks threatening Tourism

As much as tourism is one of the world leading economic activities, it is the most vulnerable trade. This economic activity is affected by many risk factors. This leads to its unreliability in the business world. Global events such as political instability affect the trade negatively. People moving from country to country as tourists have become a threat to worl security. The terrorists are maculating as tourists to complete their evil missions. The impact felt is so much in that if this is the...
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