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Anari Rafik
Below is a free essay on "Faq on Solo Travel" from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples. 1. Is it safe to travel alone?

It is generally safe but do read up on the places you will be visiting for any travel advisories such as petty crimes or things to watch out for. Travel during daytime and try not to stray to areas that are isolated or dark.

Always keep your belongings in sight and safely secured. Separate a portion of your money and credit card in a different location than the rest of your money in case of theft.

Let someone know your travel itinerary and occasionally keep them updated of your whereabouts so that they know you are safe.

2. What do I need to prepare before the trip?

Plan for your trip! Choose where to go and try to do as much research on your destination as possible. Check to see for any visa requirements.

Decide how long you want to travel and be aware of your budget. You should know exactly how much you want to spend each day on meals, transportation and lodging. Don’t forget admission fees to places of interest and allocate some splurge money for shopping and souvenirs.

It is recommended that you purchase travel insurance to cover for medical expenses and emergency evacuation in case you need medical attention during your trip.

3. Where to stay?

There are many kinds of accommodations that you can explore. However, hostels are often the cheaper option if you are travelling alone. Nevertheless, do check out for good hotel deals online.

For the more adventurous, there are interest groups that offer free stay at their homes. Check out However, choose wisely to ensure that you get a good host. A tip will be to view comments about the host.

For a farm stay experience, check out, where you will get free lodgings and food in exchange for a few hours of work each day at the owner’s farm.

4. What should I do during my...
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