Travel and Lifetime Great Experience

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Unforgettable once in a lifetime great experience
Unforgettable once in a lifetime great experience this is what I can say about our educational trip it’s Unforgettable once in a lifetime great experience because it’s my very first time to step on one of the most popular tourist destination in the Philippines the great island of Bohol and another thing that makes this trip unforgettable once in a lifetime great experience is that during summer and holidays I only go out of town only with my family and some friends but in this trip I go out of town with my second family with my batch mates , classmates , and some of my teachers that makes this trip memorable.

I usually don’t like travelling because of the following reason first the expense because we cannot travel to places without money, the second reason is that I have this what they call travelers sickness, and the last reason is that it makes me tired but with all this reasons I still go for it because this will be Unforgettable once in a lifetime great experience.

When I set my foot at the boholanon soil I was filled of excitement, curiosity and happiness and because of this there are no more regrets while travelling in bus theres no more travelers’ sickness because the bus is filled with happiness with my classmate cracking jokes and the very informative tour guide. Then after the days of our trips during the nights all us seems did not feel any tiredness all us are filled of energy as we splash and swim on the pool.

But after all of this after all the places we go one thing comes to my mind that God is good that he created all this wonders one of it is the majestic chocolate hills to show to us that your powerful that only you can do all of this ; God is good that he let people bring his name to this land and build churches to show God’s love to the people of Bohol and to all people looking at this churches ; God is good that he let us feel that he loves us so much that...
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